Gas Boilers

Regulations state that the modern generation of gas boilers have to be 95% energy efficient. You may not know that, if you have an aging boiler of around 15 years, as many of them are, then it’s most likely only around 60% energy efficient at best.

The great news is that the installation of a new boiler can therefore almost halve your energy bills in no time.  This makes the payback time for your investment very short, which is ideal if you’re a growing business, for example, on a short lease.  By installing a new gas boiler to fuel your growing business, you’ll also enjoy improved maintenance fees and a reduction in breakdown time, so every part of the process is designed to save your business money.  Maximising energy efficiency and at the same time, minimising energy costs.

Finding energy efficiencies within all areas of your business operations, in addition to being great for your finances, is also a great way to get on board and play your part in reaching government climate change targets.  Many individuals strongly believe that companies have an obligation to lead the way and take a direction which seeks out carbon footprint reduction and tackles climate change.  Whilst gas boilers don’t embrace the use of renewable energy sources, sometimes this is the only viable option for your business and circumstances.  So, it makes very good sense to ensure that the system you do use is using the latest technology, well maintained and operates efficiently.  This will mean it uses far less precious energy and plays its part in carbon footprint reduction and tackling climate change too.

It’s also crucial, especially for larger installations, to optimise your control and monitoring systems, in order to maximise the efficiency gains you derive from your boiler.  Services from The Logical Group go further than just installing the gas boilers, we can help you ensure you’re getting the best possible unit rate for your energy too, by providing Energy Contract Placement services.

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