Our Work Saving Energy

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Redcliffe Precision Engineering Bristol

Redcliffe Precision Engineering Bristol

Our work saving energy with Redcliffe Precision Limited (RPL), a privately owned company providing precision engineering services.  They service primarily to the Aerospace Industry, and specialise in a range of precision engineering areas.  Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Machining, Minor Assembly, Precision Thread Rolling and Thread Testing for cracks and deviations.

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Energy Saving

Energy Saving At Chemring Counter Measures

Chemring Countermeasures Limited Salisbury

A lighting scheme from The Logical Group® delivering modern efficient lighting

Chemring Countermeasures Ltd based in Salisbury operate on a 100 acres site with 400 employees. Chemring are keen to improve their lighting, and cut the site operating costs by reducing the energy consumption.

We’re open to see whether we can meet your business needs for energy saving, and also happy to make recommendations without obligation.

Frontline garden view

The Logical Group Dial Up And Save Energy At Frontline

Frontline Communications Portsmouth

A lighting scheme from The Logical Group® using Sylvania energy saving LED fittings, is delivering a reduction in consumption at Frontline Communications in Portsmouth by 77%.

Frontline Communications is a UK business telephone answering service, and they deliver bespoke customer service 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week.  When the office needed refurbishment, both energy consumption and also comfortable office lighting conditions were both of paramount importance.

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Polyvine HQ

The Logical Group install a new Solar PV System at Polyvine

Polyvine, Chedddar

A New Solar PV System installed from The Logical Group® (TLG)

The Logical Group fitted a 31kW solar PV system, expected to save energy and achieve a yield of circa 30k kWh annually. This displaces around 30% of Polyvine’s grid supply requirement, and so saves in the region 0f 10p per kWh.

Equally important is the carbon offset, which also equates to approximately 18k kg/year. The system is not only guaranteed for 20 years, but also gives a full ROI in less than 7 years.

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